Internship Europe

For booking, please email with the subject line 'Internship - September' to info@idoportal.com

Sep 9 at 8:00 AM – Sep 13 at 6:00 PM

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An Internship with Ido and his team offers a more in depth leap into various perspectives, tools, methods and systems that Ido uses for many years now to develop, think and practice movement on various levels - around the world.

Most importantly it is about understanding the big questions of Movement via A LOT of actual practice supported by discussion, lecture and then more practice. It offers an opportunity to engage and form a closer relationship with Ido and the team for those interested in practicing and teaching movement.

There are no prerequisites in terms of physical abilities to attending. The important things are willingness to practice for long hours, a passion to all things movement and a curiousity to support the process.

The internship takes place at one of Ido's bases and requires for you to fly in and spend 5 days of intense training, learning and discussions with personal access to Ido's brain, teachings and corrections as well as to participate in the movement sessions Ido and his team are going through daily and in a small group. (5-10 interns all MAXIMUM)

Schedule include 2 sessions a day of 2-4 hours each, including elements such as Martial Games, Strength development, Object Manipulatory skills, intro to acrobatics, Corset body prep protocols, somatics, breath and stillness work, Movement terminology development, refined motor control and movement complexity development, gates into coordination development and more and more...

5 day internship - $6,550 USD (excluding food and accommodation)