European Movement Meeting Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

Aug 26 at 7:00 AM – Aug 30 at 8:00 PM
5 day event

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In this year's European Movement Meeting participants will be guided through diverse scenarios while working in small groups in various different classes. Each class will present a central theme connecting many supporting structures and will include an organized progression over the 5 day event. 

Practice will revolve around:

  • Coordination development
  • Elements - working with body to ground communication, soft acrobatics, gravity 
  • Improvisation, dance, expression
  • Internal practice - awareness, removing obstructions and somatic experience
  • Partnering tactical work, martial arts, play and adaptability
  • Body Armor work - unusual strength development 

Students will be presented with progressions suitable to ANY LEVEL yet will be expected to attend all activities regardless of situation, keep high levels of attention and focus regardless of interest, work hard regardless of habits and for many hours each day.

Make sure to bring with you a notebook, pen, loose fitting clothes suitable for movement (long pants, shorts, long sleeve shirt), movement shoes, athletic tap and a tennis ball. 

Please don't make a tight schedule before and after the event - flights, important meetings etc. Event may continue beyond schedule time.
Attendance conditional upon NDA signing. No refunds will be provided - take note.