Just skill - no technique

24 Sep 2014

I'm becoming more and more intrigued by the approach of building a practice around an inspiring body of work without actually learning/practicing a single isolated technique in it.

How can this be done? There are other tools besides techniques. Some are: principles, self research, what I call 'imagination-amalgamation method' and more... 

Shall we call this approach "fantasizing on the girl next door"?
Just like in the girl next door situation, one might destroy an amazingly elaborate, dark-sweet, joyful and mysterious fantasy with five minutes of reality and no option of backtracking. Beware. (The incredible power of garlic breath for example...)

Questions (NOT to be answered, just to be asked...)

  • How far can one go without the luxury of collective knowledge?
  • Will this approach allow avoidance of common pitfalls and limitations forced by the technique/s? 
  • Can reality ever offer more than fantasy or is fantasy superior by definition? 
  • Can one circumvent the Isolation and Integration phases and go to Improvisation directly without losing complexity:variety:quality ratio and while gaining freedom from 'boxes' and jails equipped with 'bars of gold'?
  • How much do you lose of your own potential self by trusting in techniques developed through collective knowledge? (watch Michael Johnson running or Archie Moore boxing)
  • How much does the world lose for never having your true self in free-of-direction-research-survival mode?


As before - I realize the need of different tools for different tasks but also that sometimes - the whole toolbox  should be replaced with a... 

Don't get attached. Stay on the move,