Johnny's Recovery - No Knife

18 Dec 2014

The Ido Portal style of rehab: we don't rush into surgeries, we are not big believers in total and extended rest. (You read it right)

We replaced the letters in the R.I.C.E Protocol (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation) with other essential four letter...

Movement- best therapist, biggest healer, most scientific (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand) and often successful where other methods fail.

I've rehabbed my students from car accidents, broken backs, knee and shoulder surgeries, spinal fusions as well as the common small stuff. I've always used common sense (not so common any more) and lots of movement while avoiding pain but using discomfort in controlled levels as a gauge. You can only truly do this with someone you can work with personally and closely. 

Is this for everyone? MOST DEFINITELY NOT. And still - those who can trust their judgment, work with their bodies and are used to deciphering its signals can recover faster than ever, avoid big surgeries, (many of whom you never truly recover from) and continue to move in and around injuries.

I hope this inspires more movers out there to research, investigate and discover a path to recovery, please share with your friends and close ones,