12 months in the making… is now LIVE!

20 May 2013

Hello, good people.

This here is the first blog entry I've written in a few years now...

I hope you like what you see... We went through great efforts to provide you this Portal (Ido's Portal) for all things Movement.

Our intention is to give you here more tools for learning from us, offering you services and help and supporting you as part of the growing world wide community which is interested in Moving better and educating others to Move better. 

Stay tuned for more and feel free to explore the website - there is quite a lot to see...

Some well deserved thanks and acknowledgements to all those involved in making this amazing website a reality:

Amanda Loke - for being the person who saw something in me (God knows what) and surrounded me with love, friendship, help, generosity and challenge to take me and my work to another level. Thanks to you, we are about to disconnect off earth and into space and words are just not enough. Still - THANK YOU, Amanda. You are special to me.
Luke Norris - for the great web and corporate design.
Juli Balla - for overall awesomeness, good laughs and the amazing photography.
Charmaine and Duncan Jepson and Tiberius Production - for your support, logistics and friendship.
Marisa Yiu and Eric Schuldenfrei - for the inspiring set design - our 'beast'.
My right hand - Odelia Goldschmidt for being there - always. 
Victor Gathing & John Sapinoso - for your friendship, for believing in it and supporting in your humble and solid rock way.

Without you all this would not have been possible. Thank you!

And for the rest of you, stay on the move!
Ido Portal.