China Research Week 2

12 Nov 2014

China research week 2, observations:

* So much hides in plain sight. So much, so much.

The fact it is somewhere in your plain sight does not mean it's easy to get, even once you can spot Waldo in the scenery.


Some of the good things hide as simple grayish concepts but require ridiculous amount of repetitions to unveil. But... In order to perform so many reps - one needs to have faith in a concept first.

Suggestions for self development:

1. Learn to be observant. Then, some more. The seemingly mundane is filled with diamonds in the rough but... A lot of misinformation is inside there as well... 

Stay humble - you can always get better at observing and discerning.

2. When testing - give a concept a chance at enough exposure/repetition before you make up your mind.
How many reps exactly?
It's been my experience that the number of reps should be exactly: your age multiply by the skill neuro complexity level (from the Portalus chart of neuro complexity) minus the co efficient D in the power of 6.


No one can tell you how many. It depends on factors such as prior experience, neuro complexity of the skill, predisposition for generating new motor programs and erasing old ones, end goals, etc.
That's where the 10,000 hour rule is bullshit. We need a number, we WANT one but there is really... None to be generalized.

* I've been stripped down from many comforts I'm used to here. Most of my comforts revolve around health, optimal energy levels and are movement related, but still, practicing from the optimal point vs practicing PERIOD, unrelated to state, is very different.
This past year was a year of changes for me and this research visit allowed me to test new habits in the shitstorm that is China.
So far- so good...

I did not get sick here, yet, even though I'm forced to eat with the locals food that is far from 'clean' or up to my usual standards of hygiene, quality and purity. 

I had the chance to feast here for example on...



Fresh Water Crabs... They are like an eating puzzle but are delicious.

When on prior visits to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing I felt almost immediately down, this time I was much better.

Also, energy levels are good and I'm able to stay on top of the demanding training, with no rest days and long intense practice hours.
I've made it a point to be more resistant to impurities vs just improving the quality of my fuels. This is an approach I've worked hard at - both from research stand point and application. It seems to work well, as long as a fine balance is maintained. (Heuristics)

* Chinese current obsession with money is a phase. The Chinese cannot currently see beyond making more money but they will. Some already start to. Some always did, of course.
What do you do when you have enough money to get anything money can buy that you wish for?
Your interest goes into where money cannot help you.

I just hope the planet survives this phase.

More on my Chinese connection - later on. Stay tuned,