Movement Research in China

10 Nov 2014

I've been training and researching in China for over a week now (out of a total month I will spend here at industrial/rural China) and wanted to share with you a few anecdotes:

1. The term 'Over-training' translates to Chinese as... 'training'. 8-10 hours a day of training is nothing here. A common thing is to repeat ONE action for 2 hours. I've spent here 8 hours a day pushing another guy. Another day was spent 8 hours in various footwork drills, etc. No rest days as well, just half a day of training on Sunday. 
2. Chinese table manners = ________. No such thing. Smelly burps in your face, spit out bones on the table.
3. Chinese movement culture is perhaps the richest in the world. Its the direct result of OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER TRAINING joined by INHUMAN WORK CAPACITY joined by MUTANT PAIN TOLERANCE joined by THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF MOVEMENT RESEARCH joined by THE BIGGEST POPULATION COUNTRY IN THE WORLD joined by COMMUNISM.
4. It just melts the heart when some guy declares to you: 'You are my good, good friend!' in an act of friendliness, love and connection and just after a week of knowing each other as well as a huge language barrier between us. Like a child and with no complex ways to express himself - I loved it.
Another golden moment: 'Would you like to eat some fruit tomorrow after lunch? I will buy you one!' ... Out of nowhere but so so cute.
5.  The Chinese most substantial health promoting medium is not Qi Kong, ancient herbalism or acupuncture, it is the result of a consistent and regular consumption/exposure to the following:
  A. Pollution. You can often hear someone say here: 'close the window I cannot breath'. 
  B. Consumption of shit quality, pesticide laden, heavy metaled, MSG filled basic products. Mind you - its BASIC products i'm talking about here- impossible to avoid! recent reports have shown dangerous levels of metals in potatoes, the beef that most people eat here is already MSG added in the factory, etc.
  C. EVERY man smokes. Now the women are also starting to catch up. 
So - what you get is very resistant, durable survivors that get to reproduce. If you can take that stuff regularly - you deserve to have children and live, riddled with diseases to a certain age, of course.




Me? I'm trying to survive a month here, while doing my research. 

Enjoying every moment. Almost. More to come....