28 Jan 2015

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Dear students and friends, its here!

Movement Camp 2015 is around the corner and you are now invited to send in your registration for this year's event.

The Movement Camp 2015
Dates: April 3rd (arrival), 4th-10th (camp), 11th- departure
Location: Phuket, Thailand

We will have this year an amazing combination of workshops and activities:

1. Elements
Our approach to dealing with gravity, obstacles, centrifugal and centripetal forces, heights and fear management, balance and environment aspects as well as 'death-bed artistic choices'. (the best kind of artistic choices)
Borrowing, digesting and offering our own unique approach, style and methods while utilizing research into parkour, military obstacle courses as well as natural and urban surroundings. Taught by the Ido Portal Team.

2. Flirting with A(le)XIS
Continuing development and latest research into the substantial body of work Ido created - the movement language of Locomotion, (with over 1200 patterns so far) this time - new elements, new linking ideas, research and use of a variety of modalities implementing improvisational work as well as the study of inverting and hand-balancing through out of axis flirting and error management application.
Taught by the Ido Portal Team

3. Re-Move­-Search
This workshop will focus on movement research through three main layers- movement vocabulary, movement quality and movement concept. Coming from the world of contemporary dance, Shai will be guiding the workshop through specific patterns, principles, restrictions and limitations and will expose the participants to a mobile, fluent and refined way of moving that will follow by different ways to combine the three layers mentioned above. The aim of this work is to open the participants minds to the ability to re-compose, re-discover, re-organize things in new constellations and re-search, through movement.
Taught by Shai Faran

4. Out There
Using directed martial play and guided improvisational work to develop our systems - joints, musculature, nervous system,connective tissue and minds in search of adaptation and expansion.
Participants will get a glimpse into a Ido's daily practice and latest research.
An examination of internal body architecture resetting, non-epithelial breaks, CNS reprogramming and wire, whip, spiral bio-mechanics will be presented and practiced.
Taught by the Ido Portal Team

5. Lectures, performances, round tables and discussions as well as other surprises!

6. Some of the best sports facilities in the world in the form of Thanyapura Phuket - a 23-hectare sports, health and educational complex on the island of Phuket in Thailand, featuring the best sports facilities and coaching expertise in Asia, two resort hotels and an award-winning organic restaurant, a unique mind training center, a specialized medical centre, and an international school.

7. The event will include full board with luxurious hotel rooms and full breakfast/lunch/dinner provided.ֿ

Cost: Single room- 3850 USD (full board with food, participation and accommodations included, but no flights and transfers)
Double Room - 3450 USD (full board with food, participation and accommodations included, but no flights and transfers)

For details and registration please email us at with subject line 'MC 2015' followed by your full name.

Make sure to include in the message body:
Full Name:
Country of residence:
Movement Background: (in 30 words or less)
Room Type: Single/Double
(If sharing) Required Room Mate:

Bonus: attach a youtube/vimeo link (no attachments will be accepted) of you moving. (optional)

Special Notes

* Make sure you are ready to perform immediate bank transfer for the sum required. You will receive in a reply from us details about transfer and finalizing your registration.

* Unfortunately we can only allow one payment in advance for this year's event.

* In case of Cancellation up to Feb 15th we will only refund 60% of the total cost of the camp. Any cancellation after Feb 15th is not possible.ֿ From ANY reason.

* The Iportal company and Ido Portal as the Movement Camp organizers maintain the right to change curriculum, teachers and outlined schedule at any time prior to event due to constraints that might arise

* The Iportal company and Ido Portal as the Movement Camp organizers maintain the right to refuse registration to any person that does not match our criteria for attendance.

We are very excited to have you moving and studying with us in what is going to be the best Movement Camp so far and a unique educational movement experience,
the Ido Portal Team